Green Zone Selling

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How top producing salespeople out-sell, out-earn and outlast everyone else

A "must read" for every salesperson serious about making more money, Green Zone Selling is a collection of more than 50 best practices and winning approaches used by top-performing sales professionals in business today.

Green Zone Selling takes you beyond the basics of old-fashioned sales training and presents authentic, intelligent and contempory advice every sales professional can easily understand and immediately apply. 

  • How to join the top 20 percent of the salespeople in your industry
  • What causes sales call reluctance, and how to overcome it
  • Creating a positive and proactive "mindset for success"
  • How to leverage your time every day and make more money every month
  • Effective customer prospecting and selling skills to sharpen your approach
  • Building a foundation for a fun, profitable and more secure future in sales

Written in a fast-paced, no-nonsense and to-the-point style, Green Zone Selling is engaging and enjoyable reading for anyone ready to take their income and results to the next level of success.

Green Zone Selling has already been read by thousands of salespeople and sales managers...and the feedback is fantastic:

"Really great book.  Great examples, stories and steps to follow."

"We now give this book as a gift to all of our new salespeople."

"Probably the best pure book on professional selling I have ever read."

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